Colorado based weaving

I am a weaver and crafter living in Colorado and am inspired by the geography, nature, and the changing seasons (sometimes all seasons in the same day!) of our Rocky Mountain environment. I love using Japanese yarns along with cottons, wools and other fibers from around the world and am truly a yarn addict . I also work with beads, roving, and unexpected additions to my weavings, whether found in nature or travels. I appreciate the meditative qualities of weaving as well as the community of weavers I have found, and try to explore various patterns and textures in my weaving and each of my pieces is unique.
At Lula Faye Fiber, my hope is to produce fabric that explores the vibrant colors and history of handmade textiles by way of creating truly useable art.I am particularly inspired by Georgia O’Keefe. She is unique in the way that I relate to her as an artist. Her love of the West. Her love of natural color and study of nature. Her finding inspiration in places – New Mexico, Colorado, New York City. It is with her words in mind that I have focused on learning and experiencing fibers arts; from harvesting and spinning fiber, to dyeing and producing clothing and other goods.The loom is the original ‘high-tech’ machinery and has made our lives easier in ways we take for granted now, to the point that we are now in an era of ‘fast fashion’ and piles of clothing and other textile items are discarded for the next ‘in’ thing. I try to use fibers that are sturdy, but natural. The idea of creating items that can be used, repurposed, and then returned to the earth really resonates with me and is a central theme in my studies in textiles.
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